Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa

for its friendly and peaceful people. Come and visit us, believe me, Malawi will steal your heart!

Norman Carr Chickulu

Based on the eastern shore of Lake Malawi, on the other side of the lake to Norman Carr Cottage, Norman Carr Chikulu Eco Lodge is situated between the town of Mangochi at the southern end of the lake and the settlement of Makanjila, 98 kms north. Its located on the only part of the eastern shore of Lake Malawi that’s actually part of Malawi.
Being the only lodge on the south eastern shore of Lake Malawi its location is much more remote and far less settled than the western shores.

Set in an indigenous sand forest with 400 meters of beach, it’s a small piece of paradise and a birder’s delight, with many walks into the nearby Namizmu forest reserve.
The avifauna of Malawi include a total of 650 species, of which one has been introduced by humans and thirty-one are rare or accidental. Ten species are globally threatened. Several bird subspecies are endemic to Malawi. One of these, the Yellow-Throated Apalis, is treated as a full endemic species by some authors. Several species such as the Thyolo Alethe are near-endemic to Malawi with only a restricted range outside the country.” (Excerpt Wikipedia)

Evenings are spent around the fire-pit enjoying the sunset and a traditional African braai done by the Barry and side dishes by Anouske. The night sky then comes to life. with no light pollution ensures the most spectacular night skies.

Location: GPS S 14’01’14.6  E 035’09’38.8

Norman Carr Chikulu




Norman Carr Cottage