Travel Tips

As Norman Carr Chikulu is quite remote, here are some tips to follow

As Norman Carr Chikulu is set 27 kms across the lake, it’s advisable to first check into Norman Carr Cottage. We will then arrange a boat or road transfer to Chikulu.
Boat times are approximately 40 mins and road time about two and a half hours.

Attire – Lake resorts and towns are informal, but remember that Malawians are conventional, even conservative people, so cover up. It is acceptable, however, to wear beach-wear at the resorts. Long sleeves and light trousers are recommended for the evenings as this protects one from mosquitoes. From about May till August one will need a light jersey for the evenings and early mornings.

Currency – Foreign exchange may be converted at most banks or bureau’s De change in Blantyre and Lilongwe. Use of credit cards may be difficult outside Malawi’s major centres. When travelling to the holiday resorts cash is advised. Any major currency is acceptable.Travellers cheques are almost impossible to transact.

Visa Requirements – There has been a change is policy over visitors to Malawi.
SADEC nationals are exempt from paying and can get a 30 day visitors visa on arrival.
All other nationals must purchase a visa on arrival at U$ 75 for a single entry.

Its been very vague as to where one is able to purchase a visa before you leave from your home country, so please check with the Malawi embassy in case of any changes.

Local Customs – Please respect local customs and traditions when visiting local villages and markets.

Remember – binoculars, cameras, spare batteries and charger, mosquito repellent and suntan lotion. Malawi uses the British three-pin, square plug and a 220-volt supply, so take adapters and transformers where necessary.

Security – Malawi has long been famous as the friendliest country in Africa – and this is still true. The people are a calm non – violent, non – aggressive race and crime in the rural areas is almost non existent. One still gets petty crime in the cities though.

Norman Carr Chikulu


Norman Carr Cottage

We look forward to welcoming you to Norman Carr Chickulu!